I am an E-RYT 200 yoga teacher and have been leading yoga and meditation private and group classes in myriad settings since 2014. I have taught one-on-one and to groups of up to forty people. My classes have taken place on hiking trails, mountains, and waterfalls; in public parks; on beaches; in studios; in retail stores, such as Lululemon; and in corporate offices. 

Since 2009, I have been practicing meditation. My yoga asana practice began in 2011, when my friend brought me to what was then known as Bikram yoga. A year later I switched to vinyasa. Two years later, I found power yoga. Two years after that, I practiced ashtanga for over a year. Then I switched to Shakti Flow and sträla (and I trained in both). Now I just do whatever feels right, whenever my schedule allows. My teaching philosophy combines elements from all the styles that I have experienced. 

My passion (both in teaching yoga, and my own practice) is learning to listen to our own bodies… Knowing when to be still, and when to move with intention. Too much of anything is simply too much. 

I am currently enrolled in Yoga Medicine's 500-hour advanced yoga teacher training. You can read testimonials from my yoga students here. Book a class, watch free yoga videos, or learn more about my qualifications by clicking below.

Photo by  Vina Gisella

Photo by Vina Gisella