plant-based ADVOCACY

Food is a public health, human rights, and environmental issue. Regardless of whether you remain omnivorous, we all have an obligation to consume fewer animal products (of all kinds) because over-consumption is causing enormous adverse effects on human health, and irreparable damage to the environment.


Food is one of my lifelong interests and passions. For five years, I wrote about food on my blog, eyechow (I no longer blog there, but sometimes I still post about food on eyechow's Instagram account). Cooking and nutrition are also personal passions. Since 2016, my diet has been vegetarian (interested in helping your community go plant-based? Purchase my guide, here). I was on the Skidmore College Nutrition Action Council for four years and have taken college-level nutrition courses at Vanderbilt University and Kapiolani Community College.


Interested in a talking to me about plant-based diets, customized meal plans, or anything else [plant-based] food-related that's on your mind? Reach out to book a session.

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