Link Roundup: Thanksgiving Myths, Harvard's Admissions Lawsuit, & CBD Everywhere

CBD NYTimes.jpg

Here are links to articles I’ve been meaning to read:

  • 6 Thanksgiving Myths and the Wampanoag Side of the Story [Indian Country Today]

  • Most Everything You Learned About Thanksgiving Is Wrong [The New York Times]

  • 7 Ways to Give Back and Make an Impact on Thanksgiving [POPSUGAR]

  • An Interview with Danielle Candela of Tote Taxi [East End Taste]

  • THE HOUSE OF LORDE [The Times]

  • Why Is CBD Everywhere? [The New York Times]

  • They Live in Public: Jill Soloway is building a gender-free empire [The New York Times]

  • A Community Divided: Asian-Americans are divided over an affirmative action case that argues Harvard discriminates against them [U. S. News]

  • The Underlying Attack in the Harvard Admissions Lawsuit [The New Yorker]

  • For the Families of People in Prison, Hurricanes Bring Extra Panic and Uncertainty [The New Yorker]

  • The Grand Canyon Needs to Be Saved By Every Generation [The New Yorker]