Link Roundup #22: Pen Pals, Brains, & Language Justice

Link Roundup #22

  • The Making of a Millennial Woman [Another Gaze]

  • What is Language Justice and Why Does it Matter in Oral History Work? [Groundswell]

  • The Hawaiian Language Nearly Died: A Radio Show Sparked Its Revival [NPR]

  • The 1619 Project [The New York Times]

  • Beyoncé: She runs her world [The Gentlewoman]

  • Now you see it: Our brains predict the outcomes of our actions, shaping reality into what we expect. That’s why we see what we believe [Aeon]

  • Social physics: Despite the vagaries of free will and circumstance, human behaviour in bulk is far more predictable than we like to imagine [Aeon]

  • Rick Steves Wants to Set You Free: The Travel Guru Believes the Tiniest Exposure to Other Cultures Will Change Americans’ Entire Lives [The New York Times Magazine]

  • All My Pen Pals are Gone: On formative, finite correspondences [Medium]

  • Where the Amateur Reader Ends, and the Professional Critic Begins [Literary Hub]