Link Roundup #20: PR Protests, Lingering Loss, Rosalía, & Postracial Myths in Silicon Valley

  • Technological Elites, the Meritocracy, and Postracial Myths in Silicon Valley [UCLA]

  • Meet Rosalía: Madonna and Almodóvar's favourite flamenco star [The Guardian]

  • Women’s minds matter: Feminists never bought the idea of the computational mind set free from its body. Cognitive science is finally catching up [Aeon]

  • Who really owns the past? Cultural heritage is an ideal imposed from above. It’s time to listen to what communities value about their own histories [Aeon]

  • Bias, She Wrote: The Gender Balance of The New York Times Best Seller list [ThePudding]

  • Reading by right: Successful strategies to ensure every child can read to succeed (book review) [The International Journal of Information, Diversity, & Inclusion]

  • Enslaved People Lived Here: These Museums Want You to Know [The New York Times]

  • Judge Judy Is Still Judging You: For more than 20 years, Judith Sheindlin has dominated daytime ratings — by making justice in a complicated world look easy [The New York Times Magazine]

  • The Lingering of Loss: My best friend left her laptop to me in her will. Twenty years later, I turned it on and began my inquest [The New Yorker]