Link Roundup #18: Janelle, Beyoncé, Feral Feminisms, & Being a White Ally

  • Janelle Monáe: Living Out Loud [them.] {note: I am OBSESSED with her styling in this feature!}

  • The Beyoncé Album Drop Is a Perfect Portrait of the Future of Music [Rolling Stone]

  • Review: Beyoncé’s HOMECOMING Film Is Her Latest Act of Meticulous Archiving [Pitchfork]

  • Why Marlon James Decided to Write an African “Game of Thrones”: The Booker Prize-winning novelist on fantasy, reality, and a religious crisis that has never ended [The New Yorker]

  • Abject Lessons: What are we to make of these texts that depict Africans as lazy, poor, and underdeveloped? [Popula]

  • Feral Feminisms Issue 7

  • Critical Whiteness Studies and the Challenges of Learning to be a ‘White Ally’ [borderlands]

  • Is emotional labour next to be outsourced and professionalised? [Aeon]

  • In defence of disorder: Humans love laws and seek predictability. But like our Universe, which thrives on entropy, we need disorder to flourish [Aeon]

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