Link Roundup: Decolonial Feminism, Challenges of Democracy, & Black Girl Magic

Here are links to articles I’ve been meaning to read. Have you read any of these, and if so, what did you think? What’s on your to-read list?

  • Toward a Decolonial Feminism [Hypatia]

  • The new autocrats: Leaders are turning democracy into a tool of oppression [The Washington Post]

  • Activist Challenges to Deliberative Democracy [Philosophy of Education Archive]

  • Adventures in Hollywood Dating: How I “Burn Bridges in New, Exciting Ways” [The Hollywood Reporter]

  • On Sylvia Plath and the Many Shades of Depression: Gabrielle Bellot Considers How A Writer’s Work Is Measured Against Her Death [Literary Hub]

  • Serena Williams in Conversation with Naomi Wadler on Power, Activism, and Black Girl Magic [Teen Vogue]

  • “Well-Read Black Girl” Turns Books Into Community [WNYC]

  • Black Male Writers for Our Time: These 32 American men, and their peers, are producing literature that is essential to how we understand our country and its place in the world right now [The New York Times]

  • How to Teach the Civil War in the Deep South: One veteran Mississippi teacher is forgoing textbooks for the local archives [The Atlantic]

  • Sexual Misconduct Allegations against Neil deGrasse Tyson Reveal the Complexity of Academic Inequality [Scientific American]

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