Link Roundup: Diversity in Library Staff, the Logic of Mass Incarceration, & Cookbook Crushes

Here are links to articles I’ve been meaning to read. Have you read any of these, and if so, what did you think? What’s on your to-read list?

  • If We Called Ourselves Yellow [NPR]

  • Trying To Be A Stereotypical “French Girl” Changed My Life [Refinery29]

  • I Made a Linguistics Professor Listen to a Blink-182 Song and Analyze the Accent [Atlas Obscura]

  • The Quest for Diversity in Library Staffing: From Awareness to Action [In the Library with the Lead Pipe]

  • The Injustice of Siwatu Ra’s Imprisonment and the Relentless Logic of Mass Incarceration [The New Yorker]

  • My Cookbook Crushes (From 2006): “Just before I moved to New York, two historic events had occurred: the birth-control pill was invented and the first Julia Child cookbook was published.” [The New Yorker]

  • What “Isle of Dogs” Gets Right About Japan [The New Yorker]

  • There’s a Stress Gap Between Men and Women: Here’s Why It’s Important [The New York Times]

  • Separated by travel ban, Iranian families reunite at border library [Reuters]