Link Roundup #19: Warren's Ideas, Sexism in the Academy, Ketamine Trips, & Rihanna

Links I’ve Been Meaning to Read #19

  • Warren’s nonstop ideas reshape the Democratic presidential race — and give her new momentum [The Washington Post]

  • Sexism in the Academy: Women’s narrowing path to tenure [n+1] - Shoutout to Ann Friedman’s newsletter, which I love, and which is where I saw the link to this article

  • ‘Useless Chaos Is What Fiction Is About’: Mavis Gallant & Jhumpa Lahiri [Granta]

  • The Banality of Empathy [The New York Review of Books]

  • The working witches of Los Angeles just want you to be your best self [LA Times]

  • Natural philosophy redux: The great split between science and philosophy must be repaired. Only then can we answer the urgent, fundamental problems [Aeon]

  • Ketamine trips are uncannily like near-death experiences [Aeon]

  • Rachel Kushner’s American Gothic: The Bestselling Author And National Book Award Finalist (Twice) Is Building Characters [Ssense]

  • MEET RIHANNA, THE SHY GAL* [Interview]

*My brain really wants to correct this to gyal because I think that’s what they meant?