Link Roundup: Epic Tales, Bitch-Approved Films, and More

These links have been sitting in my inbox, waiting to be read. Here I’ve gathered them to share with you for any airport delays, boring work days, or beach browsing:

Not Everything Is A Side Hustle
  • If You Could Add One Book to the High School Curriculum, What Would It Be? [The New York Times]

  • 10 campus novels that will take you back to your school days [Modern Mrs. Darcy]

  • “Queer Eye” Star Jonathan Van Ness Knows the Power of Connection [HERE]

  • Booking it to Mexico City [HERE]

  • This isn’t an article, just something I wish I thought of: Subway Book Reviews

  • Ava DuVernay: The film director who tells epic tales through intimate stories [The Gentlewoman]

  • Not Everything Is a Side Hustle [The Cut]

  • Is Education a Fundamental Right? The history of an obscure Supreme Court ruling sheds light on the ongoing debate over schooling and immigration [The New Yorker]

  • Bitchwatch: 11 Bitch-approved Films You Should Watch this Fall [Bitch Media]

  • Live Be Yoga: How Yoga Offered a Former Inmate a Second Chance to Serve His Community [Yoga Journal]

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