How to use Essential Oils over the Holidays

Remember, you can always add more oil, but you can’t take it back out; so always start with just one drop and you can add more from there. If you buy quality essential oils, they are not diluted, so use them sparingly (they are very strong!). When using them topically, always dilute essential oils in carrier oils (such as almond or coconut oil). Try mixing your own holiday blend (think peppermint, cinnamon, clove, etc.), or buy something premade, like doterra’s Holiday Blend oil, which is made with these warm, spicy, sweet flavors:

  • Wild orange

  • Siberian fir

  • Clove bud

  • Cinnamon bark

  • Cassia

  • Douglas fir

  • Nutmeg

  • Vanilla absolute

Essential Oils for the Holidays

Here are some ways you can upgrade your holiday season using your favorite essential oils:

  • Add a drop of oil to your wrists throughout the day (make sure you’ve diluted the oil first, if you’re putting it onto bare skin)

  • Use your Holiday Blend (or any other warm, spicy or citrus flavor) in a diffuser

  • Add 5-10 drops of oil to a spray bottle of water and mist your Christmas tree, your car, or your sheets (remember, oil is difficult to remove so be sure to dilute it and don’t use on any precious fabric!)

  • Bring your bottle of Balance, Peace, or Serenity (doterra blends) with you to take a whiff of straight from the bottle in stressful situations

  • Add a drop of oil to a bowl or vase of pinecones – DIY potpourri!

  • Add a single drop of peppermint oil to your hot cocoa or mocha

  • Add a drop of peppermint, cinnamon or clove oil to your Christmas-cookie batter

  • Use essential oils instead of spices to make mulled wine: add 1 peeled & sliced orange + ½ cup sugar to 2 cups water in a pot. Bring to a boil & simmer for 15 minutes. Reduce heat & add 1 bottle red wine, 1 drop clove oil and 2 drops cinnamon oil. Slowly reheat but do not boil. Serve warm in mugs & garnish with cinnamon sticks. Serves 4-8.