Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Anything personalized, homemade, and/or eco-friendly is of course always the best gift. Besides the items listed below (which are all gender-neutral and appropriate for people of all ages—although maybe don’t leave your child alone with fire or a vial of glitter!), some of my favorite small (and local to Hawaii), women-owned, eco-friendly companies include Lily Lotus, Indigo Elixirs, and Ginger13. A donation to an important cause in someone’s name is also a great gift. What’s on your shopping and/or wishlist this year?

Daisy Natives T Shirt


Daisy Natives donates money from each Girls Support Girls shirt sale to Girls For A Change, a national nonprofit that helps young girls create social change projects in their communities. (They also sell BOYS SUPPORT GIRLS shirts.)



All of these spreads look so delicious to me; plus, what better way to send a delicious bite of summer, preserved, to your loved ones in winter? (Or, for their summer picnics, depending on where they are.)

Diptyque Paris Candle

Hygge Lyfe 4Ever

It’s kind of cliche and basic, but I don’t care: I love Diptyque Paris. You know you’re approaching your thirties when candles are an exciting gift option; also, they come in glass with pretty labels, so they make perfect storage later for pens, flowers, q-tips, etc.

Plantable Pencils

Plant your pencils

Color in or sketch with these pencils — and then plant them! It’s like a two-in-one gift, and one that is perfect for any age.

Glitter safe for the environment

Glitter, not litter

Glitter in good conscience with this eco-friendly, petroleum free glitter. It’s biodegradable and perfect for a party. #glitteroneverythingforever


Read and rage

Um, ok, do I even need to say anything about this <$5 gift? (Aside: SHE READ & SHE RAGED is possibly a perfect inscription for my tombstone.) Also, this is by the nonprofit Bitch Media, an outlet I support that writes about pop culture from a feminist perspective.