Giving Presence for the Holidays

Christmas Pine

You know what’s just as awesome as giving presents for Christmas? Giving presence! I personally prefer to give & receive both ☺ A few years ago, I had the honor of writing a blog post on this topic for local (Honolulu) company Lily Lotus.

Here are 3 ways you can turn off and tune in this month:

  1. Turn off the technology. Technology is an amazing modern convenience, but often it gets in the way of meaningful interaction. Turn off your cell phone when you are socializing, and challenge yourself to check your social media apps less often.

  2. Listen. The key is to just listen to listen, without simultaneously planning your response. Make eye contact. Let go of your own story and try to truly hear what the other person is saying. If you need practice, add a five- or ten-minute silent meditation practice to your daily schedule and learn to listen to yourself, first.

  3. Breathe. Just bringing your awareness to your breath can have huge benefits, particularly during the holidays. It will make you more mindful (allowing you to resist overeating or drinking, which can be a challenge for many during this time) but more importantly, it will ground you in the present moment. It will allow you to fully experience & appreciate your surroundings, and the special people you are spending time with. We could all use a little more of that! 

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