Link Roundup: Supporting Your Local Library, a History of Violence, & Who Owns Genetic Data?

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These links have been sitting in my inbox, waiting to be read. Here I’ve gathered them to share with you for any airport delays, boring work days, or beach browsing:

  • The Dos and Don’ts of Supporting Your Local Library: For God's Sake, Do Not Recatalog a Book With Sharpie [Lit Hub]

  • A History of Violence, from Frontier to Family: Paula Saunders Examines the Parallel Lines of History and Home [Lit Hub]

  • Worshiping the False Idols of Wellness: Charcoal, “toxins” and other forms of nonsense are the backbone of the wellness-industrial complex [The New York Times]

  • How to Write a Book Without Losing Your Mind: Expert advice on ending procrastination and finishing that manuscript, dissertation, or other big project [The Atlantic]

  • Uninformed and Uncompensated: Between 23andme and Ancestry, Who Owns Our Genetic Data? [Bitch Media]

  • The True Crime Wave [Vulture]

  • The Dharma Girls [The Paris Review]

  • A Breakdown Of "By The Book" Columns Shows That Male Authors Are Four Times More Likely To Recommend Books By Men Than By Women [Bustle]

  • The Trouble with Dogs for a Writer [The New Yorker]

  • The Mystery of People Who Speak Dozens of Languages: What can hyperpolyglots teach the rest of us? [The New Yorker]

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