Link Roundup: A Secret Museum, Climate Realism, & More

These links have been sitting in my inbox, waiting to be read. Here I’ve gathered them to share with you for any airport delays, boring work days, or beach browsing:

  • Growing Up in the Library: Learning and relearning what it means to have a book on borrowed time [The New Yorker]

  • One Year of #MeToo: What Women’s Speech Is Still Not Allowed to Do [The New Yorker]

  • Major Climate Report Describes a Strong Risk of Crisis as Early as 2040 [The New York Times]

  • It’s Already Here: Left-wing climate realism and the Trump climate change memo [n+1]

  • Steps to Take in Response to the UN Climate Change Report [The Thirlby]

  • Grief Network: “Do you want to turn your notifications off?” Twitter asked. No. I went to work at 9 AM and told my boss it was very important that I stay online [n+1]

  • 14 Reasons to Visit the Faroe Islands [Condé Nast Traveler]

  • Visiting A Secret Museum In The Middle Of The Uzbek Desert: Creating A Refuge For Art Targeted By The Soviet Regime [Lit Hub]

  • The Morality Wars: In 2018, Culture is Being Evaluated for its Moral Correctness More Than for its Quality [The New York Times Magazine]

  • Ursula K. Le Guin on Time, the Meaning of Loyalty, and Why Honoring the Continuity of Past and Future Is the Root of Acting Responsibly [Brain Pickings]

Collage illustration from     Tomorrow & Beyond   via   the Thirlby

Collage illustration from Tomorrow & Beyond via the Thirlby