Strange Food Saturday: Santa Monica

Here are a few, very strange, items that my sister and I found at Ye Olde King’s Head Shoppe in Santa Monica.

Item #1: Aunty’s deliciously moist steamed puddings with sultanas & raisins spotted dick. Um… There are so many things about this that as an American, I just don’t understand.

Image (and Product) from  Richmond’s .

Image (and Product) from Richmond’s.

Item #3: Ben Shaws Dandelion & Burdock Classic. Not sure what the “classic” indicates here, but dandelion is not a flavor people generally enjoy (it’s extremely bitter, and let’s not forget that it’s a weed). My sister and I actually bought this to give it a try, and it tasted like… soda. Sorry I can’t be more descriptive, but I’m not sure what burdock is supposed to taste like, so I’m not sure if that flavor came through. The drink was very sweet and a bit tart, had a lightness but an undercurrent of flavor almost reminiscent of licorice. I wouldn’t buy it again, but it wasn’t bad.

Image and product from  Ben Shaws

Image and product from Ben Shaws

Item #2: Scott’s Porage Oats. Is this porridge? Is it different from regular oats? Someone please explain.

Image and product from  English Tea Store .

Image and product from English Tea Store.

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